Teaching the Hell out of the Present Simple Tense (a link only)

So the past week or so I have been crazy busy getting ready for a conference presentation on informal writing within a TBL framework and writing a language awareness paper for my dip TESOL.  I tweeted a few days ago that I was going to post my language awareness paper here on my blog, but after reading it over again, I just can’t imagine that anyone, except someone absolutely enthralled with the present simple tense, would find anything of interest in these 1900 words over-production.  So instead, I am linking to the paper here just in case anyone really, really wants to read it.

Language Awareness Unit, Task 3: Teaching the Hell out of the Simple Present Tense

Sometime later today (or this weekend), I do have a new post itching to be written about some reading exercises I ran in a class the other day.  Because in the middle of all this crazy, I really am still teaching classes.  And thank god for that.


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