Even a Native Speaker Stops Sometimes (my first effort at writing an article)

The following piece is a bit different from the rest of the articles collected on this site.  It’s not actually a published article.  It was just one of the first things I really felt that I should write up in article form.  It was inspired by an assignment I had been given for my dipTESOL, but it ended up morphing into something totally different.  My adviser encouraged me to use it as the base for a proposal to attend a conference in New Zealand.  And I did.  And I got accepted and I went.  So in many respects, this paper probably reveals a lot about the path I am on.  It also helps show how much every small step I make forward is often the result of the patience and encouragement of the people around me.

Even a Native Speaker


The PDF can be accessed by clicking the image above or following the link right here: Even-a-Native-Speaker-Stops-Sometimes Stein 2012


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