Over the past three years I’ve had the please to work with International Teacher Development Institute as both a mentor and regular contributor to their blog.  iTDi has helped me get in touch with an amazing community of language teachers and materials writers from around the world.  iTDi teachers have become the heart of my personal learning network.  We routinely bounce ideas off of one another, create linked classroom projects, and provide the support and feedback I need to keep moving ahead as a teacher.

Currently, I am active in the iTDi Breaking Rules Group, in which we explore how we are implementing ideas that John F. Fanselow shared with us during his first and second “Breaking Rules” course.  John will be having another course in May 2014, and I very much recommend it to anyone who is looking to energise their teaching.

If you have a moment to check out the iTDi blog, I think you will find it filled with practical classroom ideas.  But more than that, it’s also filled with the warmth and honest of teachers who are sharing their struggles and successes with the wider ELT community:

A list of my blog guest posts on iTDi can be found here:



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