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Nara City, Nara Japan

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October, 2017    Diploma in TESOL, Trinity College London

May, 2000          M.F.A. in Writing, Washington University, St. Louis

April, 1993         B.A. in Psychology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

April, 2005         Japanese Language Proficiency Test Grade-2 (2級)


International Course Manager, Clark Memorial International High School, April 2009 – Present.Developed English teaching materials with an international focus which led to an average third-year student first semester TOEIC score of 623 points, an increase of 331 points over two years. Teaching an average of 20 hours of English classes weekly. Plan and implement trainings and professional developments program for staff of 25 teachers. Plan and manage special events such a summer English camp and international linked classrooms. Prepare students for extended study abroad program.

Translator, Freelance, April 2005-March 2009.  Translated a wide variety of documents for government organizations (Kashihara City, Sony Highlands), NGOs (JAICA), NPOs (Nara International Center, and green tech clients).

Director of English Education and Events, Nara International Center, April 2005 – March 2009.  In charge of planning and implementing all facets of international events and English education activities. Duties included training sessions for public school teachers, writing and proof-reading employee manuals, planning and implementing international events such as the Nara Eco Festival (including press releases as well as advertising campaigns), and translating materials for the expat community in Nara prefecture.

TESOL for Young Learners Course Instructor, Kio University Department of Education,  October 2008 – March 2009. Created and taught a 16 lesson, 2 credit introduction to TESOL course for undergraduate students in the department of education.

Coordinator of Global Education, Santo Board of Ed., September 2003 – March 2005.  Develop and implement curricula and lesson plans for four elementary schools. Teach English lessons to first through sixth grade students.  Translated written correspondence for members of the Board of Education.

Assistant Language Teacher, Terai High School, July 2000 – June 2003.  Developed curricula for second and third-year communication and international affairs students.  Taught an average of17 class hours per week.  Facilitated English Speaking Circle twice weekly.

Communication Group Facilitator, Terai Cultural Center, July 2000 – June 2003.  Facilitated advanced conversation group for adult students of English.  Provided discussion topics, resource material and structured activities.

Instructor, Department of English, Washington University, June 1999-July 2000.  Taught two semesters of Introduction to Writing.  Solely responsible for lectures, course syllabi, examinations, and evaluations.  Held office hours twice weekly.

Outreach Coordinator, Howard Brown Health Center, June 1995-May 1998.  Developed yearly program budget.  Trained new staff.  Wrote grant and program proposals.  Presented health promotion courses to general population.  Wrote copy for city wide health promotion campaigns as well as risk reduction campaigns targeting various communities. Developed all training manuals for outreach staff and volunteers.



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• Stein, K. (2017, November) Developing independent learners through the use of standardized tests.  Research oriented short form presentation at JALT International Conference, Tsukuba, Japan.

• Stein, K. (2016, September) Rooms within the heart: Tanka as a medium for cultural exchange.  Research oriented short form presentation at Festival of Ideas Literature in Language Teaching Conference, Kyoto, Japan.

• Stein, K. (2015, October) Learners as Researchers: experiments in autonomy.  Research oriented short form presentation at JALT National Conference, Shizuoka, Japan.

• Stein, K. (2015, October) Listening to Students Teaches Us How to Teach.  Long form workshop presentation at JALT National Conference, Shizuoka, Japan. Co-presented with Nakao Amano, Anna Loseva, Tim Murphey, and Ann Hendler.

• Stein, K. (2014, September) Short Poetry: helping language learners find their voice between the words on the paper. Presentation at The Heart of the Matter Literature in Language Teaching Conference, Aichi Univerity, Japan.

• Stein, K. (2014, April) Students’ Stories of the Extensive Reading Experience. Long form presentation for the Nara chapter of JALT, Nara, Japan.

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• Stein, K. (2013, October) Promoting reflection through student feedback. Long form paper at JALT National Conference, Kobe, Japan. Co-presented with Michael Griffin and Anna Loseva.

• Stein, K. (2013, May) The craft of short fiction writing for language learners. Long form workshop at JALT PanSIG 2013 Conference, Nagoya, Japan.

• Stein, K. (2012, December). Your Voice: writing short fiction for your ELLs. Long form workshop at World Storytelling Conference, Kobe, Japan.

• Stein, K. (2012, October). Even a Native Speaker Stops Sometimes: helping learners adapt to structural differences in English. Presentation at CLESOL, IPC Tertiary Institute, Palmerston North, New Zealand, October 2012

• Stein, K. (2012, May). It’s Not as Easy as It Reads: tasks for improving student accuracy and fluency in informal writing. Presentation at Task Based Learning in Asia Conference, Osaka Shoin Women’s University, Osaka.


• Best of JALT 2014 for presentation on extensive reading

• Best of JALT 2013 for presentation on writing short fiction for language learners

• Associated Writer’s Program Journal Project 2000, honorable mention

• Washington University Writer’s Workshop Fellowship

• Washington University Summer Research Grant, Summer 1999

• Avery Hopwood Award in Short Fiction, Winter 1993


• TESOL International, member since 2011

• The Japanese Association for Language Teaching (JALT), member since 2011

• Literature in Language Teaching Special Interest Group, member since 2012

• Literature in Language Teaching Special Interest Group, Director of Public Relations since 2014

• Extensive Reading Special Interest Group, Member since 2012

• International Teacher Development Institute, volunteer mentor since 2013


English: Fluent

Japanese: Japanese Language Proficiency Test Grade 2


Web design and maintenance with proficiency in HTML and WordPress. Site created and managed:

Basic graphic design including the creation of posters for special events and organizations including:

Basic programming ability in Swift programming language