Students’ Stories of the Extensive Reading Experience (Nara JALT, April 2014)

In this hour long presentation, I tried to give a balanced picture of how Extensive Reading works in my school.  By balanced, I mean I strove to explain how any snapshot of how student progress was captured quantitatively through assessment tools such as reading speed (words per minute), level of texts read, and number of words students could hold in their working memory while reading also needed to be supplemented qualitatively through interviews with students and teachers’ class notes.

I am including the presentation Power Point file here.  If you view the presenters notes, you can probably get a decent idea of some of the important information my students provided to me through feedback sessions which is easy to overlook when simply relying on hard data such as reading speed.  If you have any questions about the presentation, or how ER has been implemented in my school, I hope you will leave a comment or send me an email.

Power Point:

Extensive Reading Assumptions and Experience


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