From Anxiety to Appreciation: using videos as a tool for personal and program development (JALT 2013)

Over the course of the 2012-2013 school year, three teachers in my high school network all took short videos of their classes in progress, transcribed the videos, and then through video conferencing, met to analyse the videos and transcripts.  The process led to an hour long presentation at the JALT 2013 conference in Kobe Japan.

After the conference, we took the video of our presentation, transcribed it, and turned it into a paper.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to get it ready for the Conference proceedings, but I did want to share both the paper and the Power Point that we used at during our presentation.


From Anxiety

From anxiety to Appreciation_Stein

Power Point:

JALT 2013 Video for PD and PE


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